Five Phases of a house move

When we hire a removal company to take care of all our most personal belongings, it is inevitable to suffer some uncertainty about how they will treat our belongings, where and how they will store them, transport them or if they will arrive in good condition. Well, today we are going to try to clarify what is the process or the phases through which a Packers and Movers services company moves.

First evaluation:

First of all, as each move is a world, when we receive a call from a customer, one of our agents moves to the place of origin to assess “in situ” the type of appliances to be moved, volume and a series of parameters with the maximum accuracy in order to determine what the personal needs will be. In this way we can give economic value to the service that fits exactly to the reality of your move.

Procedures and procedures:

Once the budget for the move is accepted by our client and the service date is agreed upon, we proceed to start the booking of the permits and the necessary procedures. Processing of personalized insurance coverage required according to destination.


The packaging that commercial moving services Singapore operators will do, will be to make a detailed inventory of contents and furnishings always giving a copy to him. Once the inventory is ready, the next step is to start with the packaging of goods. To do this, best moving company has the best material for the wrapping adapted to each type of object.

Afterwards, the furniture will be dismantled with the utmost delicacy, and this phase will be completed by loading all the belongings into the trucks, using the lifting platform, if necessary, to move them.


By land, sea and air! No matter where your moving is, a reputed mover will guarantee that your belongings will arrive in perfect condition and fulfilling the agreed timings. If it is an international move, waiting times are lengthened, therefore, these moving companies have the infrastructure to store boxes and furniture while your plane or charter have departure, with 24-hour surveillance.

Delivery and assembly

Now we are already in the last phase of the move. Once their belongings arrive at destination, the trucks are unloaded and the furniture is assembled. They also offer extra services such as cleaning, waste management and donation of household goods, cleaning services at home or commercial movement for offices. Management of boxes with appliances, furniture or appliances, of which you want to undo, as well as the possibility of donating those items that you will not use.

While these 5 steps are to be processed by the packers and movers, you should keep in mind that there are certain preparations that are to be taken on the owner’s end. The more prepared you are, the less time it will take them to clear off the house and thus, the lower will be the invoice. If you have time then start preparing for the move prior 1 month atleast to make the process easier and swift.