A Brief Guide about the Best Uses of Ipad

white iPad Pro beside Apple Pencil

iPad is an excellent device with all advanced features that no one has. Its quality and sharp features make it pro in the market.

Let’s explore one by one:

  • Lightweight in Nature – Heavy laptops isn’t easy to carry and make. Sometimes it bothers us in terms of comfort. IPad’s lightweight is easy to carry and comfortable.
  • Great Portability  Its 7 to 10 inches of screen well fits into almost every backpack, handbags as well. IPad show great portability.
  • Easy to make Presentations – In the growing trends, most of the students and business personals use tablet devices to run their presentations. Tablet makes the presentation running very smooth and easy. It also allows easy transport of the content between the meetings or classes.
  • Do Not Delay in a Start-up – Usually, every laptop takes around 10 to 20 seconds to start up. But with the iPad have a very fast start-up generally around 2 to 6 seconds. That makes it more convenient.
  • Quick Web Browsing – Tablet secures the first place when it comes to easy portability and quick start-ups. It works faster on the web browser and lets you do easy and fast searches.
  • Easy Use in Education – With the awareness and smart classes more of the educational institutes across the world, accepted the use of Tablets. Tablets allow interactive learning and make students learn things from best other teachers across the world.
  • As a Fun – There is also fun in using the tablet. It prevents us from boredom and offers new interesting ways to work.
  • Quick iPad Repair Service – Apple offers convenient and fast iPad repair services. Thus allow every student not to bother about its repair.


  • Lack of Physical Keyword – One of the major shortcomings of an iPad is the absence of physical keyword. You can only work with the use of a touch screen. Sometimes it irritates us while writing long texts, or documents.
  • Not High Speed for Work – Although the tablet plays an important role in making presentations. But they have some processing limitations than laptop computers. When it comes to performing activities like rendering videos, complex work on spreadsheets or some sort of advanced picture editing is not so much suitable on Tablets.
  • More Diminutive Portability than a Mobile Phone – Although portability of an iPad is a major area to be highlighted, as compared to other laptops. But the Smartphone’s also sparing their place in terms of positive features, with pocket fit portability. However, when it comes to repair services, ipad repair will be higher than cheaper iphone repair.
  • Less Number of Ports – Previous iPad dint has many ports, but in 2018, with the improved version of iPad that do have USB ports. Also, flash memory cards are not placed in the tablets, so the placement of your digital camera directly into the tablet cannot be possible.
  • Limited iOS – it’s a closed system that doesn’t allow you to transfer the files directly from your iPad to the system.
  • Application Limitations -Apple allows minimum use of the application in its system, to ensure security and stability. You can find some other applications from the Apple store, but it needs time investment to ensure the feature like an android application.


These are some advantages or disadvantages of using an iPad. Although Apple provides the, best user experiences, in terms of quality and iPad repair service.