Reasons for you to choose iPhone over Android

Reasons for you to choose iPhone over Android

All of us love Android phones due to software customization and hardware options. But once you are posed the question of what is your choice iPhone or Android, then the former is going to be an obvious choice. A reason for sticking to Apple is not the platform, but how the hardware and the software align with each other. With numerous Apple Gadgets iPhone works properly and with the Apple watch there is an ecosystem in place. Let us now flip through the reasons why sell phone in Singapore is a better option than Android.

iPhone phones tend to be faster than an Android phone

A lot of tests and comparison have taken place between Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 plus as former operates on the Android platform. The moment apps open in the background iPhone is expected to take a strong lead. It goes on to control the hardware along with software sides. Even if you go on to avail the services of experts there is no assurance that the speed and performance of the app are in line with the standards.

In an iPhone integration of software and hardware is superior

The 3d touch display of iPhone 7 is smart and it senses out the pressure. Once you tap on the icon quick actions are possible from the home screen. By merely tapping on your inbox lightly you can open the email. Taptic engines that are normally used in an iPhone is efficient. A point noteworthy is that the home screen button of an iPhone also cashes in on this benefit. Even there is a prevention of the link going beneath the button. Just keep in mind that you need to adjust the sensitivity level at your own end.

A user-friendly device

Though Android phones may make a lot of claims, till date iPhone seems to be the friendliest device. Some people compliment the fact that the look of IOS does remain the same ever since 2007. Just you have to touch on the app and it is going to open. At the same time, Apple has contributed to numerous advancements in the form of Siri or control centre, but still, the iPhone is fairly easy to learn.

To conclude the best part about IOS is that it is possible to update it as per your needs. As per recently available reports close to 80% of the IOS devices were operational on IOS 10 and in comparison, the Android Nougat was found in close to 16.4 % of the Android devices. The worse aspect is still a majority of the Android users are relying on the old version of Android.