How to Test the Reliability of a Developer: Top 5 Tips from Experts

The Development of Canninghill Piers (photo from

Buying a property on the primary market is already fraught with a lot of risks. If you are interested in buying a luxury condo in Singapore, get direct developer price for Canninghill Piers fromĀ

Young people and families have to search for a suitable area for a long time, evaluate the infrastructure, neighbouring housing complexes, the location of industrial zones and more. It is also important for buyers to estimate in advance the cost of future repairs, to find optimal building materials, contractors, and even independently or with the help of a designer to think about the location of things in the house.

Here, you will find out what documents to demand from the developer in the first place and what to pay increased attention to. So, you can significantly reduce the risks of signing a contract with cheaters and keep their own nerves.

Tip 1: Check the reputation of the developer

Study thematic forums, groups and pages in social networks, ask the opinion of friends. In the age of computer technology and feedback, no one will be able to completely remove negative comments or facts about themselves.

On the forums a sea of information about developers. Messages from other shareholders will quickly oust suspicious companies or those using dodgy schemes.

Tip 2: Be sure to demand and check the documents of the construction company

For the purchase of real estate have to pay a considerable amount. That’s why you should not be shy and check every single document of the developer.

Below is a minimum list of monitoring papers:

  • Developer’s license Permission to build a new building;
  • Constituent documentation
  • Financial papers
  • Projection documentation
  • and land rights.

If you are denied the right to read the original or notarized copies of the listed documents, boldly leave and forget about the developer.

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Tip 3: Follow the letter of the law and check the founding documents

A genuine company must have a company charter, ask for a certificate of state registration and registration with the tax service of country. Always check whether the name of the developer is correctly stated, the coincidence of legal and actual address.

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Tip 4: See the duration of the license and building permits

Not all buyers know that the developer must have the appropriate license and permission to build a complex residential tower. In the first document, clarify the date, number, type and body that issued the relevant paper. It is necessary to make sure 100% that the license has not expired, and the company legally conducts its own activities.

The second document indicates that the developer can be involved in the project and permission is issued for the object where you plan to buy a home.

Tip 5: Check the documents on the land

Before you buy, you must know who owns the land occupied for construction. Not always the developer owns the land, and takes it on long-term lease. Always check when the lease expires. These tips are a minimum list of steps to get rid of many problems in the future. With the help of simple actions investors will be able to find a really profitable option for buying.

Complex and Point Building – Where it is Better to Buy an Apartment?

Buying a home is not an easy question, you have to choose a lot of criteria at the same time. One of them is the scale of construction: buildings can be complex and point. Individual buildings are usually erected throughout the city area, and complex projects – in special zones, more often outside the city. It is necessary to understand what advantages and disadvantages have both types of buildings to successfully buy an apartment.

Pros and cons of complex development

Complex development like Pasir Ris 8 involves the construction of a “mini-city” where, residential buildings are erected in parallel with social infrastructure: kindergartens and schools, shops, entertainment complexes, sports facilities etc.

Mixed integrated apartments are considered most promising among developers of Pasir Ris 8 and the state. Each side has its own tasks: the developer – to effectively implement the project, the government – to improve the social conditions for the population, to solve the issue of resettlement from the demolished and dilapidated fund, to improve the urban areas, to update engineering communications and to develop transport infrastructure.

Developers of Pasir Ris 8 provide their inhabitants with a high level of comfort through installation of the latest equipment, and the application of modern regulations and technologies. In addition, in the complex development of the territory, large areas are allocated for recreation and landscaping to make them most popular in market.

According to various estimates, complex development allows to reduce the cost of housing from 10 to 20%, which means that it becomes more affordable. In Pasir Ris 8 you can find a suitable apartment, as the choice is quite large. Visit the official website for Pasir Ris 8 :

Advantages of complex development:

  • Affordable housing
  • The availability of developed infrastructure
  • New roads
  • New communications
  • The development of the territory
  • High security
  • The homogeneity of the social environment
  • Overall architectural appearance.

Cons of complex development are of great importance for buyers of apartments in the first stage:

  • Neighbourhood with the ongoing construction;

Pros and cons of point building

If you want to live in the city centre, you need to find a point building object. This requires temporary costs, and not only to find a suitable construction site, but also to wait for the building itself, because the construction of an apartment building in the centre is not so common.

The most obvious plus of point building: houses are erected in places with high transport accessibility, next to shopping and sports complexes, schools and kindergartens, clinics and parks. In addition, apartments in such houses usually have a more interesting layout and architectural solutions, but they are also aimed at the buyer, who chooses comfort or business class apartments.

The disadvantages of point building are that, unlike complex development in the construction of such houses, it is not possible to create a homogeneous social environment within the area. Moreover, when a single building is built, the communication hubs connect to the existing systems, which are already worn out by time, unable to cope with the increasing tension. This leads to accidents and failures in the water and electricity supply system.

To date, complex residential area like Pasir Ris 8 is considered the most promising, but the objects of point building are still in demand from buyers of apartments. Anyway, the choice is yours and it does not matter where the housing is located – the main thing is that it should be convenient and suitable for your personal preferences, needs and financial opportunities.