Your guide bizsafe status!

Bizsafe is a national grade body, holds the responsibility to build several programs that will further assist companies to create workplace safety and health capabilities. With the effect of PDPA in Singapore, workplace safety also comes as a mandate for all companies who collect and store personal data. This is a 3-day training where the Data Protection Officer hands-on training to have new aptitudes by using a practical strategy to execute, acknowledge and keep up the complaint with the PDPA. Moreover, organizations like Assure Safety often work with a full eagerness to raise the safety and security level of your data at an extraordinary level. They have several services like consultancy, training, caregiver, biz safe, ISO consultancy, and PDPA. 

If you have applied for bizsafe, then there’s a perk for you when you want to check your bizsafe status. You don’t have to browse and then dial different numbers to check your current status. But, bizsafe provides you access to bizsafe self-help excel to go through your bizsafe status. 

Here’s a guide for you for different statuses and what you can do next to get some help! 

  1. Pending Approval 

If your bizsafe status is showing pending approval then, you’d application is being processed. You can expect to get your results within 7 to 10 working days of your application. You can further check your junk mail section for a better follow-up. 

  • Approved 

Here, your company’s details have been successfully updated on the bizsafe marketplace as the application has been approved. Now you can check your bizsafe self-help excel to check your status, bizsafe level, and expiry date as well. 

  • Returned 

It means that your application has been reimbursed for additional protocols. You are advised to refer to the mail that has been sent to you for checking this. 

  • Rejected 

It clearly states, that your application has been rejected. 

  • Terminated 

It means that, as your company is no longer operating hence your bizsafe status has been terminated. 

  • Suspended 

When your company is placed under the Business under Surveillance Programme (BUS), then your biz safe status is marked suspended. All the information of your company is removed from the biz safe marketplace and you may not disseminate any company collateral with the logo or status of the bizsafe. 

Once your organization has been exited from the BUS program, you can contact them with the following-  

  • Latest Risk Management audit report 
  • Exit notification letter issued by MOM. 

They will send you an email once they live your company’s suspension so that you can bizsafe renew bizsafe status of your company. 

  • Expired 

As you have passed the certification validity period of your bizsafe account, it has been expired. But here’s a curve, bizsafe levels 1 and 2 are none renewable, so for that you can renew or progress for bizsafe renew bizsafe for level 3 and above. 

Bizsafe e-services allow you to check your application status anytime and you can also renew the status of your bizsafe or email For that anytime.