Your guide bizsafe status!

Bizsafe is a national grade body, holds the responsibility to build several programs that will further assist companies to create workplace safety and health capabilities. With the effect of PDPA in Singapore, workplace safety also comes as a mandate for all companies who collect and store personal data. This is a 3-day training where the Data Protection Officer hands-on training to have new aptitudes by using a practical strategy to execute, acknowledge and keep up the complaint with the PDPA. Moreover, organizations like Assure Safety often work with a full eagerness to raise the safety and security level of your data at an extraordinary level. They have several services like consultancy, training, caregiver, biz safe, ISO consultancy, and PDPA. 

If you have applied for bizsafe, then there’s a perk for you when you want to check your bizsafe status. You don’t have to browse and then dial different numbers to check your current status. But, bizsafe provides you access to bizsafe self-help excel to go through your bizsafe status. 

Here’s a guide for you for different statuses and what you can do next to get some help! 

  1. Pending Approval 

If your bizsafe status is showing pending approval then, you’d application is being processed. You can expect to get your results within 7 to 10 working days of your application. You can further check your junk mail section for a better follow-up. 

  • Approved 

Here, your company’s details have been successfully updated on the bizsafe marketplace as the application has been approved. Now you can check your bizsafe self-help excel to check your status, bizsafe level, and expiry date as well. 

  • Returned 

It means that your application has been reimbursed for additional protocols. You are advised to refer to the mail that has been sent to you for checking this. 

  • Rejected 

It clearly states, that your application has been rejected. 

  • Terminated 

It means that, as your company is no longer operating hence your bizsafe status has been terminated. 

  • Suspended 

When your company is placed under the Business under Surveillance Programme (BUS), then your biz safe status is marked suspended. All the information of your company is removed from the biz safe marketplace and you may not disseminate any company collateral with the logo or status of the bizsafe. 

Once your organization has been exited from the BUS program, you can contact them with the following-  

  • Latest Risk Management audit report 
  • Exit notification letter issued by MOM. 

They will send you an email once they live your company’s suspension so that you can bizsafe renew bizsafe status of your company. 

  • Expired 

As you have passed the certification validity period of your bizsafe account, it has been expired. But here’s a curve, bizsafe levels 1 and 2 are none renewable, so for that you can renew or progress for bizsafe renew bizsafe for level 3 and above. 

Bizsafe e-services allow you to check your application status anytime and you can also renew the status of your bizsafe or email For that anytime. 

Are You Looking to Purchase a New or a Used Computer for Your Needs?

Be it purchasing a new or a used computer the task might turn out to be a daunting one. There could be endless amount of options available at your peril, but the key is to choose one that might suffice your needs. A Singapore computer repair services might be of help in such cases. Each user and an office are going to call upon variant needs when it comes down to the hardware or software. These are the things you have to keep in mind before we start off with shopping.

Is the purchase going to be made online or at the store?

The purchase of a computer evolves down to the comfort level that you have with the same. More so when the product is at the expensive level. At a personal level I would be comfortable in purchasing the computer online. Here you might come across a plethora of views from the outside customers. When you are planning to purchase a computer or a laptop that does not match up with the current system it is better to head over to the store.

Selection of an operating system

Which is the best operating system in the business; it is Mac, PC or Chrome. Be it for your personal or professional needs it is always better to opt for one that you might be accustomed. Even you will be looking to choose an operating system that is going to match up with the capability of the smartphone. It is also important that you need to consider the software you might be needing to match up with the daily needs of a business.

Choice between a desktop and a laptop

In any case both the desktop and the laptop is going to possess the same set of capabilities. Even have an eye on check out MacBook repair Singapore here at the earliest. Of late the modern versions of desktops are smaller than the ones of the bygone days. If you want a fixed work space and do not want to move out then a desktop is going to be a perfect choice. A major benefit of a desktop is that it is an affordable one and you can repair it easily. But if you want to avail the option of a mobile or a tablet then a laptop is a better option.

Choice of a processor

Most of you would have heard about the different type of processors in the market, but most of the masses would not have an idea of what it works out. It goes by the name of CPU and is termed as the brain of the computer. The faster the processor is more efficient is going to be the speed of the operations.

To conclude the RAM storage device works out to be huge. It goes on to work a lot beyond that the short term memory while a hard drive ceases to be long term memory.

Reasons for you to choose iPhone over Android

Reasons for you to choose iPhone over Android

All of us love Android phones due to software customization and hardware options. But once you are posed the question of what is your choice iPhone or Android, then the former is going to be an obvious choice. A reason for sticking to Apple is not the platform, but how the hardware and the software align with each other. With numerous Apple Gadgets iPhone works properly and with the Apple watch there is an ecosystem in place. Let us now flip through the reasons why sell phone in Singapore is a better option than Android.

iPhone phones tend to be faster than an Android phone

A lot of tests and comparison have taken place between Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 plus as former operates on the Android platform. The moment apps open in the background iPhone is expected to take a strong lead. It goes on to control the hardware along with software sides. Even if you go on to avail the services of experts there is no assurance that the speed and performance of the app are in line with the standards.

In an iPhone integration of software and hardware is superior

The 3d touch display of iPhone 7 is smart and it senses out the pressure. Once you tap on the icon quick actions are possible from the home screen. By merely tapping on your inbox lightly you can open the email. Taptic engines that are normally used in an iPhone is efficient. A point noteworthy is that the home screen button of an iPhone also cashes in on this benefit. Even there is a prevention of the link going beneath the button. Just keep in mind that you need to adjust the sensitivity level at your own end.

A user-friendly device

Though Android phones may make a lot of claims, till date iPhone seems to be the friendliest device. Some people compliment the fact that the look of IOS does remain the same ever since 2007. Just you have to touch on the app and it is going to open. At the same time, Apple has contributed to numerous advancements in the form of Siri or control centre, but still, the iPhone is fairly easy to learn.

To conclude the best part about IOS is that it is possible to update it as per your needs. As per recently available reports close to 80% of the IOS devices were operational on IOS 10 and in comparison, the Android Nougat was found in close to 16.4 % of the Android devices. The worse aspect is still a majority of the Android users are relying on the old version of Android.

A Brief Guide about the Best Uses of Ipad

white iPad Pro beside Apple Pencil

iPad is an excellent device with all advanced features that no one has. Its quality and sharp features make it pro in the market.

Let’s explore one by one:

  • Lightweight in Nature – Heavy laptops isn’t easy to carry and make. Sometimes it bothers us in terms of comfort. IPad’s lightweight is easy to carry and comfortable.
  • Great Portability  Its 7 to 10 inches of screen well fits into almost every backpack, handbags as well. IPad show great portability.
  • Easy to make Presentations – In the growing trends, most of the students and business personals use tablet devices to run their presentations. Tablet makes the presentation running very smooth and easy. It also allows easy transport of the content between the meetings or classes.
  • Do Not Delay in a Start-up – Usually, every laptop takes around 10 to 20 seconds to start up. But with the iPad have a very fast start-up generally around 2 to 6 seconds. That makes it more convenient.
  • Quick Web Browsing – Tablet secures the first place when it comes to easy portability and quick start-ups. It works faster on the web browser and lets you do easy and fast searches.
  • Easy Use in Education – With the awareness and smart classes more of the educational institutes across the world, accepted the use of Tablets. Tablets allow interactive learning and make students learn things from best other teachers across the world.
  • As a Fun – There is also fun in using the tablet. It prevents us from boredom and offers new interesting ways to work.
  • Quick iPad Repair Service – Apple offers convenient and fast iPad repair services. Thus allow every student not to bother about its repair.


  • Lack of Physical Keyword – One of the major shortcomings of an iPad is the absence of physical keyword. You can only work with the use of a touch screen. Sometimes it irritates us while writing long texts, or documents.
  • Not High Speed for Work – Although the tablet plays an important role in making presentations. But they have some processing limitations than laptop computers. When it comes to performing activities like rendering videos, complex work on spreadsheets or some sort of advanced picture editing is not so much suitable on Tablets.
  • More Diminutive Portability than a Mobile Phone – Although portability of an iPad is a major area to be highlighted, as compared to other laptops. But the Smartphone’s also sparing their place in terms of positive features, with pocket fit portability. However, when it comes to repair services, ipad repair will be higher than cheaper iphone repair.
  • Less Number of Ports – Previous iPad dint has many ports, but in 2018, with the improved version of iPad that do have USB ports. Also, flash memory cards are not placed in the tablets, so the placement of your digital camera directly into the tablet cannot be possible.
  • Limited iOS – it’s a closed system that doesn’t allow you to transfer the files directly from your iPad to the system.
  • Application Limitations -Apple allows minimum use of the application in its system, to ensure security and stability. You can find some other applications from the Apple store, but it needs time investment to ensure the feature like an android application.


These are some advantages or disadvantages of using an iPad. Although Apple provides the, best user experiences, in terms of quality and iPad repair service.

Course Wave Division Multiplexing SFP Transceivers


With the combination of a transmitter and a receiver into a single circuit, a device known as transceiver is created. It helps in the transmission of radio signals and also receives radio waves in order to extract any message that was relayed. It accurately decodes the message sent in the form of radio signals by eliminating all the other signals which were added to the radio wave while its transmission. This removal of erroneous and unwanted signals is done with the help of filters which are installed within the transceiver module. Now, with all the unnecessary signals removed, one can easily get back the signal that was meant to be sent with the required information.

CWDM SFP Transceivers

Transceivers have undergone massive changes in its structural and functional form in the past decades. Whether it is the material used in making the device or the change in its speed and performance, transceivers have evolved into advance machinery used in the telecommunications world as an important tool. Today, SFP or small form-factor pluggable transceiver has become quite common. They are compact and high speed transceivers which can have multiple components swapped or replaced during its execution without shutting the machine down. This property is known as hot plugging. An SFP’s hardware contains modular slots which can help in connecting optical fibre or copper cables. These SFP transceivers have evolved to quite an extent. Today SFP+, SFP28, compact SFP, SFP double density or SFP DD are used for higher quality performance. These devices have been coupled with the latest technologies in order to improve performance even further.

Course wave Division Multiplexing or CWDM SFP transceivers have been introduced in recent years. CWDM is a process of combining or joining multiple signals at different wavelengths and transmit them across an optical fibre in order to get high number of channels transmitting the signal. The channels in CWDM system are usually placed twenty nano meters apart, which makes them compatible with cheaper laser beams. Usually in a CWDM SFP system, eight channels are selected with wavelengths ranging from 1610 nano meters to 1470 nano meters. As the energy is spread out over such a wide range of wavelengths, CWDM has lower precision which leads to lower costs and less power consumption.

Now, with the combination of these two, CWDM SFP transceivers are created. These transceivers also have eight wavelengths in general and the wavelengths are marked on the device using different colours. This makes it easier for us to identify the required wavelengths needed and also increases the versatility of the CWDM SFP transceiver. These devices offer speeds ranging from 100 mbps to 4 gbps. It can also travel up to a distance of 20 km to 40 km, 40 km to 80 km, 80 km to 120 km. The different colours markers on the products can better help them in choosing the correct device for them.


With the improvement of science and technology, machines and devices are being improved daily too. With the combination of such methods and devices, one can easily get the best result for their products.

Simple APP-UI design style

Simple means simple, not complicated. For users, the simple and easy operation of the UI APP design allows them to completely control, and complex and cumbersome design will provide too many options, users can not adapt from, and therefore will produce some frustration.

Secondly, the product design is simple to represent the focus of the prominent. When the user uses the mobile phone APP, its core functions will attract the attention of the user, rather than pay attention to the breadth of the product function, as to the depth of product features, to achieve the ultimate success is.
Another point is that the cycle of product development is long, in this era of rapid development of the electricity supplier, speed is an important factor. Contracted product design is to focus on a core point, making the product as quickly as possible into the market, and according to the market feedback to carry out the update iteration.
Method for effectively simplifying the design of UI APP
Although is more less, but it does not represent a random reduction in function, you want to create a simple product design, we can remove, organize, hide and transfer these four ways to proceed.

  • Delete
    The so-called delete, is to remove all unnecessary features, until you can not continue to cut so far. In the process of design, often think of the user needs this function, so it is better to stay, this idea is not needed, as long as this feature for the positioning of the user is concerned, not the majority of people do not need the value.
  • Organization
    This is not the case in the deletion of the function, the interface of all the design elements of the organization classification, making the interface becomes simple, we want to achieve the simple experience of the effect. After that, according to a certain logic will be functional division, so that users in the operation of the time to know which one is more suitable to deal with what the area, so as to improve the efficiency of work.
  • Hidden
    The hidden method with the organization’s approach, are not cut function, but hidden is not commonly used functions through a number of design tools to hide, when users need to quickly find, through the method to achieve the goal of simplifying the interface. One thing to note is that do not use the user’s commonly used features on the page too deep, will reduce the user’s experience.
  • Transfer
    Common example is the mobile and desktop side of the combination, will not commonly used or large amount of information elements to transfer to other places to show, where the mobile terminal display some basic information, more detailed information needs to be viewed at the desktop. Although it can simplify the interface, but to consider some of the targeted user groups are willing to accept such an approach.
    In the UI design process, the specific operation is to be carried out according to the actual situation, after all, everything has two sides, only the specific analysis to avoid some of the mistakes that should not be made.