DIY Aircon Servicing – Let’s Unearth Its Advantage And Disadvantage

In today’s world, it is so hard to be on budget as each and everything is so expensive. With every passing day, the prices of every little thing are getting higher and higher. And maintaining day to day expenses is very difficult in today’s times.

These days an air conditioner is the must in every house to keep up with the scorching heat. If you want that your Aircon should function at its peak then you need to maintain and clean it on regular basis.

With the modern generation DIY (Do It Yourself) has become a major trend. As it is always better to do things on our own as this way we self-improve ourselves. To extend the lifespan of electronics, it is necessary to avoid damages by keeping a regular check on its functioning.

DIY Aircon Servicing Holds Disadvantage Over Advantage

We all wonder that whether it is safe or not to do the Aircon service on our own. Then, let me tell you that like every other thing, DIY Aircon service also has its perks and disadvantages.

  • It is just that you need to be a bit more careful while doing Aircon servicing on your own as it can land you in major trouble if not taken proper care.
  • The Air-Conditioner (A.C.) needs to be cleaned nicely from inside and outside both. This cleaning is necessary to do 3 times in a year on an average.
  • These days we have DIY equipment with us which makes it relatively easier for us to do the servicing. Before starting it, you must go through professional guidelines to make sure that you do not put yourself in trouble by doing something wrong.

What All Can You Do On Your Own?

The filters of the A/C units should be changed or washed in a month or two for availing the clean cool air. With the help of guidelines, you can also clear out the debris from inside by opening the metal casing, filter, and grill of the Aircon.

Steps you should follow for doing the servicing properly to stay chilled out all through the summer.

1. First of all, Switch the Power Off- Switch off the main electricity current to the air conditioner before starting the service. Locate the capacitor by following the directions given by the professional.
2. Cleanse Condenser fan and Oil the Motor – The condenser fan gets covered with the dust due to usage so clean it with a brush. Lubricate the motor present in the fan by oiling it with the specific oil.
3. Cleanse the Coils and Fins- With the help of garden hose clean the condenser coil. Remove the water accumulated debris from the fins by spraying it inside out. You can also straighten the fins with a fin comb if they are bent.
4. Servicing of Filter- Clean the filter to keep yourself safe from diseases. And if it cannot be cleaned then get it changed.
5. Service the Ducts- Use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the air ducts.
6. Do Routine Checkups-Perform regular checkups to keep your Aircon in the best condition.

Find the aircon cleaning details here.

But keep in mind that you must not go ahead this since it may lead towards problems. You must call professionals technicians to fix the problems.