What is a Condo and Should You Buy One?

If you are planning to buy a new home in Singapore then considering a condominium or condo can be the best option. Remember that owning a condo in Singapore is really amazing for numerous reasons. 

Right from the eye-catchy views, luxurious amenities, the architecture to other features of contemporary housing, you can find everything in condominiums. Buying a new condo in Singapore clearly shows your sophistication and extravagance taste for lifestyle.  

As an international destination, Singapore has always been considered the best place to own a condo not only for your home but also for commercial purposes at the same time. 

What is a condo?

If you do not know then remember a condominium is a home that is mainly found within another group of housing units. Condos often look like apartments because they are close to each other and sometimes even adjacent or above another unit. 

Once you go through all the options and decide to buy a condo in Singapore, it is necessary to do some research because it is going to be a lifetime investment for you. 

When compared to other housing, condominium often has some variations when it comes to owing it. You might have some physical resemblances but a condo is completely different in terms of ownership than an apartment. 

Why condos are better than apartments?

Here are some reasons that state the reasons:

Condos have better and more facilities

If you compare with the apartments, condominiums offer outstanding and luxury amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, spas, and almost every luxurious facility that you can imagine. 

Condos are more spacious 

Usually, most condos are spacious although you can also find small condos. You might find apartments that are more spacious than condos. But typically, condos offer more space than apartments. 

Condos are a great investment 

When it comes to a condo, you can easily buy as well as sell the property. On the other hand, until and unless you lease, you are never going to make a profit out of an apartment. This means you are simply renting it and not investing money in it. 

It is good to own or rent a condo?

In Singapore, you will find some owners who rent out their units that you can take on rent instead of buying a condo if you love living in a condominium community.

The main benefit is you no longer have the hassle of selling the condo in the future. 

Should you buy a condo in Singapore?

Yes, it is absolutely a good idea to buy a condo in Singapore, if you wish to live in a place that is equipped with all the latest amenities and ensures safe living with high security.  Thus, in case, you want to own a condominium in the prime location of Singapore then Amber Sea freehold would be a one-stop solution. It is an upcoming project that will be introduced in 2021 only. Check out Amber Sea estimate indicative price