Punggol – Guide to Singapore’s youngest estate

From the exceptional combination of infrastructure in the environment, facilities and quite a unique geography, this residential district has been unquestionably turning heads and attracting more families. Punggol has so much to offer, and as a matter of fact, it’s most definitely ready for the future. With future plans of the government to develop the area so believe me, you will be envious of the Punggol residents. Just try to imagine coming back home after a very long day at work, taking a walk-through Punggol Waterway Park, and enjoying the sunset by the waters. Sound just like a lovely scene from the movie but believe me it’s real as it can get.

Punggol Attractions and What to Do

What’s the first question that comes across your mind when you travel? Perhaps meeting different people, great food and drink or maybe Instagrammable sunsets? Well, traveling and searching for new places can do miracles for your emotional and mental health and at the same time is exciting. But, we, of course, need to inform ourselves more about the area so here are just some of the Punggol attractions and things to do there.

“Traveling is one expression of the desire to cross boundaries.”

– A. B. Yehoshua

Instagram Tree – Pose because photos say a thousand words

You have probably come across some of the photos of this tree on Instagram. It was one of the most attractive places among soon-to-be espoused lovebirds and photographers, but due to the interest of public safety, it has been removed. It’s placed along Punggol Waterway it was must-to-pose next to the tree and join the army of Instagram Tree followers, but if you didn’t have the opportunity – don’t worry. There is one about 25m next to the original.

Bridges – A story of five bridges

Punggol Waterway Park holds a green trail and a wide array of fauna and flora, but also five pedestrian bridges. Each one of them will surely leave the strongest impact on you as they all have very unique importance.  From Jewel Bridge that seems like a floating sphere against the backdrop of a sunset to Sunrise Bridge, the horseshoe-inspired footbridge, they make a pleasant spot for all park users to observe the sunrise.

Coney Island Park

Coney Island – one of the reasons why you should unquestionably consider taking a ride or a walk along the Waterway Park. It’s ideal for those who love cycling because now you have an enjoyable destination with true natural treasure. You can visit some of the five beaches on the island, all unmistakably worth of visiting because of quietness, peace, and calm that are valuable indeed. Keep in mind that if you visit on the weekend, you can expect crowds of people.

And of course – Food and Drink

Seems like wherever Singaporeans put down roots great food is guaranteed. With a whole row of establishments and Punggol Cafes to please even the pickiest eaters, you can pick anything from Thai and Chinese to even Western and French cuisine! Lines here are crazy, so come early and enjoy a unique and delicious meal! Choose wisely while picking your ideal spot because, with the endless options of Punggol Cafes, you will find the place that can satisfy all your requirements. Read some of the reviews or take advice from a people who visited Punggol and of course enjoy!